Carpet Causes Controversy in Church Business Meeting

Church Life

Elmore, South Carolina.  The Temple Baptist Wednesday night church business meeting waded through an extended discussion deciding to install new carpet in the education portion of the church.

The carpet was priced at $1200, a tough bill for the 896 member church where attendance averages 72 people per week.

Money was eventually found for the carpet by deciding not to purchase cases of New Testaments that were to be given out at the elementary school and the local homeless shelter. 

Irma Butler, a longtime member, said, “It was a tough choice but we thought the new carpet would inspire people to attend Sunday school and learn more about the Bible.”

When I asked about the Bible’s she said, “Well the kids probably wouldn’t have read them anyway but they’ll love this carpet if they will come to visit.”

The final vote was 11 in favor of the carpet and 4 opposed.

Reporter: Peter James

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