New Hymnal Contains Only Third Verse and Chorus

Church Life

Zondervan Publishing announced a new hymnal today that they hope will appeal to all age groups.

“Our new Third Verse Hymnal contains all your favorite hymns, but only the third verse and chorus,” said Zondervan spokeswoman Charlotte Williams.

“Most people have never sung the third verse of any hymn.  Certainly, most – if not all – Baptists and Methodists have skipped the third verse for at least the last 50 years.”

Zondervan believes that their new hymnal will appeal to almost everyone. “Baby Boomers and the older generation will love the familiarity of the melody while learning new words to their favorite hymns.  And since it’s just the third verse and chorus, if you repeat it 17 or 18 times, Millenials and the younger generation will believe it’s a brand new Chris Tomlin song.  This songbook can’t miss!”

With its appeal to all generations, Zondervan believes that this new hymnal could become the best selling hymnal of all time.

Reporter: Jeff the Comma Head

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