Pastor copies Bill Nye F-bomb to win converts

Church Life

Bill Nye the science guy dropped multiple F-bombs on Last Week Tonight to convince people that climate change is real.

Children who had grown up believing that Bill was an actual scientist were so shocked that they immediately signed up to abandoning planes, cars, plastic straws and everything made in China and other developing countries.

The wave of change inspired Pastor James McKee.

“Bill Nye’s F-bomb changed people’s minds about climate, why not about Christ?”

Since then Pastor James has tried this new expletive laden approach to sharing the gospel to astounding success.

“I tell people that they’re going to ****ing hell and to grow the **** up and do something about it has been revolutionary,” exclaimed the Pastor.

“Already I’ve had more than twenty people come to faith in Christ!”

We asked the leaders of his denomination about this new approach, “This so-called Pastor James isn’t actually a real pastor – but hey, if it convinces people then who are we to stop him!”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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