Pastor fired after wrong mother’s day sermon

Church Life

(Former) pastor Steve Smith is reeling from his summary dismissal after preaching the wrong sermon at today’s mother’s day service.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong,” laments Pastor Steve, “I just based it on my last father’s day sermon where I was praised for calling out the men to be better fathers. So it was natural to think that calling out the women to be better mothers on mother’s day would garner the same response…”

Pastor Steve’s sermon was based on the behaviour of two mothers in the Gospel of Mark. Mary, the mother of Jesus who in Mark 3:21 tried to take charge of him saying ‘he is out of his mind’ and Herodias, wife of Herod, who in Mark 6:24 tells her daughter to ask for the head of John the Baptist.

“I can see that the whole beheading thing probably wasn’t the best idea for a guest service, but why we can’t mention that mother’s make mistakes too and…”

Pastor Steve was cut off by Senior pastor Bill, “What my former colleague was trying to say was that mothers need to be praised and thanked on mother’s day. Depravity should be talked about on Father’s day.”

“Reporter”: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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