Coronavirus edition of Guess Who board game released!


While many businesses struggle to adapt during the Coronavirus pandemic, Hasbro has capitalised on COVID-19 to make a profit by releasing a Coronavirus edition to their classic Guess Who board game.

This version features characters that are wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) and maintain social distancing and has proved to be a great hit for families looking for things to do during the quarantine. 

This is a great comeback for Hasbro who had to remove the original version from sale after Millennials criticised the Guess Who board game for being judgemental and intolerant.

However, some people have complained that this new version makes it harder to answer questions like, “Do they have a moustache?”  A spokesperson for Hasbro commented, “This game reflects the reality of the current situation but for those that are losing sleep over this question, the answer is 5 of the men and 2 of the women.”

To make this game educational as well as fun, Hasbro has included a list of Coronavirus themed questions to ask, which include:

  • Are they wearing a mask?
  • Are they in an “at risk” category?
  • Are they an essential worker?
  • Do they have a persistent cough and/or fever?
  • Are they shopping for essential items only?

The Coronavirus edition of the Guess Who board game is available at all undiscerning retailers.

Idea by: Stephen Cookson and Nathan Ramsden-Lock
With additional jokes from the Super God Comedy Squad of British Christian Comedians. 

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