Dear Crass: dealing with a problem church member

Dear Crass

Dear Crass,

How would you deal with a member of your church, a real “problem child” shall we say? Someone who constantly lets their phone ring during the sermon, or blurts out, “That’s what she said” when the pastor says something that may or may not even work with that joke? Would you recommend nursery duty for that church member for a set amount of months, disinviting him to the church potlucks, or serious and severe church discipline?

Asking for a friend,

Pastoring in St. Paul

Dear Pastor,
First of all, you aren’t in St. Paul and I don’t know how you got this email address, but I told you this was for my Twitter followers and not for the Salty Cee.

Do I come to your job and make a scene?


But that’s part of my charm. Grow up, dude!



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