Artist develops inspirational “God Bless It” wave tattoo


 With the popularity of Christian tattoos, a Los Angeles tattoo parlor is marketing the “God Bless It” Wave Tattoo.

“This is a muli-purpose tattoo,” says Tony “the Inkman” Ingleman. “Most of my customers prefer the back of the hand for this special tattoo, but a few daring folks choose to be inked on the palm of the hand.”

The Inkman looks to the Old Testament wave offering for his inspiration. “I think of it as a New Testament application of an Old Testament offering,” Ingleman said. “And I pray over each ‘God Bless It’ Wave Tattoo as I ink the person. It’s anointed!”

A simple, yet versatile tattoo, Ingleman gives a few suggestions on how to use this work of art:

  • Wave your tattooed hand over your meal to bless it
  • Lay the hand on someone who needs healing or has another need
  • Shake hands with people to pass a blessing on to them
  • When irritated by an annoying individual, or that rude driver cut you off on the freeway, instead of swearing, simply “wave them off”

Ingleman attributes the inspiration for this Christian tattoo to the Lord, but others are not quite so sure.

Reporter: Dr Parson Peeves

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