Beach-goer discovers secret hiding place in his shoes


ATLANTIC CITY- A tourist made a discovery that will revolutionize personal security at beaches across the world.

Visiting from Ohio, Jacob Grakowski was enjoying the New Jersey sun and decided to go for a swim. He immediately found himself in a predicament, having to choose between leaving his belongings at risk on the beach or bringing them into the water.

“I didn’t want to leave my wallet on my towel, and my beach bag is an obvious target for any potential thief,” said Grakowski.

That’s when the Clevelander discovered a foolproof solution to outsmart any beach-hardened burglar.

“I’ve been wearing the perfect hiding spot this whole time. My shoes!”

“Simply put your wallet and keys right in here, like your foot,” Grakowski said as he took off his right Adidas running shoe and demonstrated to reporters. “Then casually leave it by your towel. No thief would ever think to look in your shoes.”

Beach-town crime rates are expected to drop as this advancement in security is spread nation-wide.

Grakowski plans to continue contributing to the beach tourism industry. “My next goal is to figure out a way to dry a wet towel without putting it in the clothes dryer,” he said.

Reporter: Richie Richards

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