Bernie rally interrupted by unicorn


Bernie Sanders was interrupted mid-speech today during a rally attended by tens of supporters when a unicorn suddenly appeared.

According to witnesses, Sanders was giving a speech promising all the usual free stuff when a sparkly, multicolored unicorn suddenly walked onto the stage. It stood beside Sanders and gazed up at the sky.

A moment later, rainbow colored clouds appeared and gumdrops began to rain on the crowd. “It’s happening! I promised free stuff and gumdrops, and it’s happening!”, Sanders exclaimed before being beamed in the eye by a large purple gumdrop and rushed off the stage.

Meanwhile, the rally attendees began to scream in horror as they quickly discovered that free gumdrops falling from the sky is actually quite dangerous. Said one attendee, “It sounded good in theory, but when it happened, it was actually quite painful!”

Reporter: Ibstyln

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