Chicago issues health & safety guide


In light of the continuous spate of gun violence, the city of Chicago is releasing their health and safety guide to staying safe in the Windy city (aka how not to get shot).

They suggest when buying drugs, don’t stand on the street corner longer than need be.

Also stay off of porches, out of cars and don’t become friends or involved with known drug dealers.

The mayor suggests keeping children safe by not allowing them to walk or play on the streets.

When inside, stay away from windows and doors where stay bullets could find an unintended target.

The city is also recommending not shopping at corner liquor stores and will allow half price fare to travel the 20 miles needed to find the closest grocery store.

The use of red light cameras will be suspended in high crime areas and motorist are urged to run the red light if they hear pop, pop, pop.

The city council wants to assure Chicago citizens they are doing everything in their power to stop the violence and will maintain their personal bodyguards for as long as it takes to see this crisis to it’s end.

Reporter: Mama Donna

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