Chris Tomlin Releases 800 CD Multiple-Box Set



You may be wondering why there is a moving truck in your neighbor’s driveway when he just moved in months ago. Perhaps you have seen parcel delivery trucks going down the road with trailers attached.

What is the reason for the strange phenomena?

Wait for it…Chris Tomlin just released a new multiple-box set of CDs titled “The Song that Never Ends.”

In fact, he has launched a new concert tour that will eventually make its way around the universe and tickets are available now from uTickets for the “Eternal Worship Tour”. This concert series will be on tour indefinitely and will feature Chris’ band Infinity.

Since the United States is known for people who hoard stuff they don’t need, how about cleaning out that storage locker and placing all 6 boxes of CDs in your 10×10 unit. Chris is also offering a limited-time bargain: a book shelf to house all 800+ CDs, so you don’t have to have a large shelf custom made. He has even authorized his agent to have a stamp of his signature on the unit so you can boast to all your friends.

This set will play continuously and if you hear the same song twice in the first 5 days, you will get double your money back. Call for special pricing today!

Don’t forget to also call to order your own set as well as tickets to the “Eternal Worship Tour” concert in a city near you or someone else! This amazing 2-day show will be unforgettable and you will be singing both songs that Chris and his band play for millennia to come!

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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