Dems demand investigation into Mueller Report


On Friday Robert Mueller submitted his 22-month investigation (the Mueller Report) to the Justice Department.

The investigation had issued indictments against six members of the Trump campaign but none of them were charged with conspiracy with Russia.

After officials at the agency said that no more indictments will be submitted now the investigation is over a number of commentators have demanded that there needs to be an investigation into the Mueller investigation.

“Clearly there is a massive cover up over the Russia Trump election collusion that needs to be investigated,” said one commentator.

“And if that investigation turns up nothing, then there needs to be an investigation into that investigation until we prove that the Russians caused the democrats to lose!”

Others, like Bill Mayer, have instead chosen to do away with the whole investigation thing altogether and claims “I don’t need the Mueller report to know Trump is a traitor, I have a TV.”

If only the rest of the country would watch CNN like Bill then they would know the real truth.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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