Dune book updated for the millennial generation


“He who controls Pumpkin Spice controls the universe”, according to latest Dune novel.

New York, NY – In this less than anticipated Duneverse sequel by author Frink Hebert, the discovery of a Pumpkin Spice World devalues the spice trade to essentially nothing, rendering all plot points meaningless.

Introducing the “Millennials”, who for millennia have been sipping the spice together in trendy domiciles while using handheld “thinking machines” banned in the rest of the universe.

The Bene Genesseret become a gaggle of Pumpkin Spice drinking gossips and Guild Navigators completely disbanded. Some 3rd Stage Guild Navigators are able to find work by personally aerating agricultural land.

But legitimate Dune author, Brian Herbert, is calling foul. “This guy is clearly not familiar with the anything beyond the original Dune.”

Frink Hebert was unreachable.

Reporter: Awsum Preacher

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