First images of Christmas Day survivors


We at the Cee have exclusive first images of the survivors of Christmas Day, seen here escaping homes across the country.

Our reporter had waited two days hoping and praying that some would escape the closest thing to an apocalypse that we’ve seen since last Christmas (No, not the song, Last Christmas but last Christmas).

A combination of excessive food and drink coupled with living in close proximity to other family members has led to a level of anxiety that is impossible to hide behind niceties.  It was only so long before that pent up frustration exploded into fury, passive-aggressive barbs or self-mutilation.

But there is hope, dear reader as these pictures show.  A maimed hope, but hope nonetheless.

For in every household there is something called a door, and opening it and walking through it can lead to a whole new world – well it’s not really new, but it is different to the one inside your house.

And there you can see the sky and the birds and so many things which are not your family or your TV.

Given time and, more importantly, space from others these individuals pictured above will lost the vacant looks and bloodied appearance and return to their natural state.  Though sadly, like the incredibly hulk, they will have to purchase new clothing.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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