Christians in mourning as Veggietales Bob and Larry become old and rotten


Millions of Christians who wear weaned on Veggietales are in mourning after the news that Bob and Larry have become old and rotten.

“I guess I never really thought of them aging,” said Linda, “but I confess I never really kept track of them after I grew up.”

“I mean, Bob was in his 20s when Veggietales first aired in 1993, so he must be at least 50 by now,” calculated Chuck, “and I suppose that’s really old in vegetable years..Heck! Most of mine are rotten after only a couple of weeks.”

Veggietales creator, Phil Vischer, held an emotional online farewell service today before Bob and Larry were placed in the food waste.

“Bob and Larry were like family to me,” said a tearful Phil, “but I am comforted to know that in the same way that many Christians grew up on their shows, their composted remains will help many other vegetables to grow.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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