Harry and Meghan start go fund me to help them overcome their privilege


 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (aka Harry and Meghan, aka the duke and duchess of Sussex) appeared on ABC’s Time 100 special to launch their new Go Fund Me account to help them overcome their privilege which hinders them from being able to understand the struggles of common people.

“It’s been so hard being born into a privileged royal family,” sighed Harry, “all the wealth and attention just because my grandmother is the Queen of England.”

“Sadly, as a royal I’m not able to vote, so I know what it’s like to suffer along with the common man,” he continued through the tears, “but even now I’m still using my privilege to persuade others to do things, which makes me feel quite rotten.”

Meghan added, “Poor Prince Harry has had to give up all the duty that was required in return for lucrative sponsorships that require he does little in return.  That’s why he needs all the help he can get to understand what it’s like to work for a living.”

The monies raise are to be used to pay for anti-privilege coaching from Jed Thomas of the Institute of Research who charges a modest $40,000 per hour.

Our naive reporter foolishly asked them why they didn’t just pay for their poverty training out of their own money or perhaps even give money away so that they become poor. But he soon apologised once he saw the look they gave him.

“We are trying to be like other people who raise funds in this manner – to do otherwise would be to miss the point entirely,” snapped Meghan.

 Harry and Meghan also appealed for people to reject the “hate speech, misinformation and online negativity” about their wealthy lifestyle and take time to understand the real struggle they are facing as they try to appear to understand the people that they are lecturing to.

Idea by: Douglas Murray
Written by: John Spencer

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