Heroic ANTIFA stop fascist granny crossing street


ANTIFA has been the sole bastion of defence against fascism in the US, standing up against white supremacy everywhere, including institutional racism such as white meat supremacy that dominates Thanksgiving.

ANTIFA are supported by woke politicians everywhere for their courageous stance against racism that plagues America and are even supported by climate activist Greta Thunberg, who was this last week proclaimed to be the “successor of Christ” by the Church of Sweden.

This week heroic ANTIFA members in Ontario bravely took a stand against a fascist granny who was crossing the road.

“It was scary man,” said ‘Gary’ one of the three activists pictured in the video.  “She was armed with a walker and I didn’t know what this dangerous extremist lady was gonna do.  But we linked arms in solidarity against her and prevented her from crossing whilst shouting ‘Nazi Scum’.”

Sadly CNN were too busy covering calls for the impeachment of President Trump to cover the work of these modern day heroes.  But we at the Cee don’t want their deeds to go unsung.

We questioned Jed, another of the activists pictured, about how he recognised that the granny was a Nazi.  “It’s easy to get fooled and think that she was a sweet old dear – but it was old people like them at the Nuremberg trials. If she was just going shopping she would never have been armed with Sherpa Walker.”

 We at the Cee feel that we can sleep soundly in our beds knowing that ANTIFA are patrolling the streets keeping fascists from our front door.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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