Husband Left Alone with Children for Weekend, Survives


San Jacinto, California – Sharlene Rhodes is not one for spoiling herself, or taking time off from being a mom. However, she recently realized the need for some time away. She was nervous, though, as it would be the first time leaving her four children at home with their father, Dontrelle Rhodes, for more than 24 hours while she attended their church’s Women’s Retreat.

“Oh, Dontrelle’s a good father, don’t get me wrong,” Mrs. Rhodes told the Cee, “I was just concerned because, if I’m gone to the store and Dontrelle is home with the twins and the two older kids for more than 30 minutes, he’s texting me, blowing up my phone, asking when I’ll be getting back to the house. I was nervous!”

“Actually,” Mr. Rhodes stated, “I’m a good dad. Sure, I get a little nervous with the twins, but they’re two and tend to fill up both their diapers at the same time. Who wouldn’t get a little frazzled by that? That’s two piles of dooky to clean up!”

Mr. Rhodes said the weekend was somewhat uneventful, that he took the kids out for dinner Friday night after work when their mother left, took the children to a park on Saturday after he prepared them breakfast, cooked them lunch on the grill, and even prepared spaghetti and meatballs for the whole family when Mrs. Rhodes returned that Saturday night.

“Okay, maybe I was more worried than I should have been,” Sharlene stated. “Dontrelle kept it together, and I was proud of him.”

“But for real,” Dontrelle admitted, “I was a little nervous, but I survived. I’m a good dad.”

Admit it, you thought this was going to be some feminist article where the man couldn’t keep it together and needed the woman to swoop in and save him. Anyone would think that this is a Ray Romano comedy sketch.  I dunno some people…

Reporter: Crass Christian

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