Introvert’s Worship Experience Completely Derailed by Meet and Greet


An introverted Minnesota woman this past Sunday was unable to return to a place of surrender after the horrifying ordeal. At the end of the first song, the worship leader encouraged everyone to, “turn to the people around you and make them feel welcome.”

Asking that we refer to her simply as “J”, Jessica Beasley told The Salty Cee,“I know they do it every week, but it’s normally after song 2. That gives me time to go through my checklist and gear up.”

Her list includes:

  • Positioning bags to block people who might be huggers
  • Brainstorming compliments about near-by children
  • Rehearsing the least amount of personal information which is likely to satisfy people

“Everything that could go wrong did go wrong,” she told us. “When the guy in front of me turned around, I still had snot coming out of my nose ‘cause we just sang ‘Oceans.’ He grabbed his wife and made her turn around too so she could get me Kleenex out of her purse. While I was wiping my face, she threw her arms around me, asked what the tears were about and how they could pray for me. I was so unprepared. I ended up telling them more than the Life Group I’ve been attending for 4 years. It was awful.”

Even though she has no interest in audio/video, Jessica signed up for the Tech Team so this will never happen again.

Reporter: Brian Harvey

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