Levi’s Forced To Make Cuts – Will Now Only Sell Jorts


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll on many US companies since the nation began closing its doors in March of this year, including Levi’s.

On Wednesday, Levi Strauss Co., an American staple for nearly 150 years announced they are being forced to make cuts. The company, which proudly claims to have invented blue jeans in 1873, says their sales were down by 62% in the second quarter of the year.

As a result, Levi’s will only be producing and selling denim shorts, or “jorts” for the remainder of 2020. The reduction in the amount of denim used will result in significant cost savings.

A press release issued today implies an intention to manufacture capri pants early next year with an eventual return to full-length jeans over time. Calls to Levi’s corporate offices requesting more details were not immediately returned.

Reporter: Brian G Adams (no, not that Bryan Adams – it’s got an i not a y)

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