Kamala Harris U-turn: now fights for rights of girl babies


In a shocking U-turn, Kamala Harris tweeted yesterday her support for girls in the womb:


The Roe v. Wade prevents other people controlling what happens to girls in the womb.  In other countries selective sex abortion has meant that the world is currently missing an estimated 23 million girls.  With the majority of these in India and China.

Kamala Harris, who is a champion of women’s rights, has recently become aware of this issue and this has led to her change of heart to ensure that these girls are protected from others who are making decisions about their bodies.

Following rumours that Ms Harris possessed superpowers to see and hear these girls inside the wombs of women, she clarified that she is actually a trained ultrasound technician.  This may be the reason for the latest dip in her approval rating.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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