NBA plans on using athletic hazmat suits developed by CDC during games


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the NBA suspended the regular season on March 11 “until further notice.”  Commissioner, Adam Silver, initially said the league’s suspension would last at least 30 days.

 “The NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.”

However, we can exclusively reveal that the NBA has just rescinded its decision to suspend the 2020 season after extensive talks with the CDC.

“The CDC have been able to supply players with specially made athletic hazmat suits outfitted with mini air respirators that last for 3 hours, giving them until half time to switch into a fresh suit and finish the game.”

The NBA has expressed great confidence with this cunning plan and their ability to mitigate the dangers of the corona virus and thus maintain a regularly scheduled season.

However, no statement has been released on what protection they’ll be for the crowds attending, the low turnout for the Timberwolves mean that social distancing will be very feasible for their fans.  Not so much for other teams though…

Reporter: Zachary Barnes

Image credit imgur.

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