Netherlands: medical breakthrough in euthanasia eliminates mental illness


The Netherlands has been recognised as the star of progressive nations with its lax approach to drugs, sex, abortion and euthanasia.

Their liberal stance on abortion has seen the complete elimination of children suffering from Downs disease, MS or any other genetic disorder. 

Now recent medical advances in euthanasia have led to the complete elimination of mental illnesses, depression and dementia. 

Other nations are hailing this as nothing short of a miracle.

“In 2002, the parliament in the Hague legalised euthanasia for patients experiencing ‘unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement’ and people worried about a slippery slope,” stated Anika De Vries, “but the loosening of that term and the expansion the range of eligible conditions in 2007 has done nothing but improve the quality of life of our citizens.”

“Previously, people with mental health ended up committing suicide by, for example, jumping in front of a train which is not only inconvenient but can mentally scar others.  Allowing those with such conditions to be killed not only removes their suffering but also the suffering of others.”

“The creation of advance directives signed by all patients before they get dementia means we can remove the suffering of the person and the insurance company (who would have to spend a vast sum in order to keep that needy and unproductive person alive in a nursing home).  It’s a win-win situation!”

Commenting on the sheer number of the 40,500 deaths from palliative sedation, euthanasia or citizens taking a poison pill, Anika replied, “This is only 25% of all deaths and besides we’ll never get to 100% as we can’t predict when people might have fatal accidents.”

With the recent case of a dementia patient that had signed an advance directive but had to be drugged and restrained by her family before the doctor could give the lethal injection, we at the Cee asked whether politicians and doctors are concerned about malpractice. 

Anika responded, “I can categorically state that we have had no complaints whatsoever from those who have been killed by any of our advanced methods – this goes to show that such concerns are completely unfounded.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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