NFL team hears everything Dad says!


Philadelphia, PA – Like many dads, Benjamin Franklin McDonald yells out instructions to the players while watching the NFL game. 

And like many dads he laments that his team, the Eagles, struggles when they would win every game if only they would listen to him!

However, in a strange turn of events, the Eagles seemed to follow his shouted orders!

“I watch every NFL game and usually talk to the TV,” said the diehard Eagles fan, “I’ve been doing this for decades. But all of a sudden, the Eagles faked a punt, kept McCoy in, threw three quick short passes, and scored a touchdown. I even suggested a touchdown dance, and they did it! Every play I called happened from then on until the game ended.”

The NFL team went on to win the game, seemingly all because of this one Dad’s instructions.

Given how prayer for the Jets team seems to make no difference whatsoever, we at the Cee were astonished by this coincidence and decided to investigate further.

“We were really struggling that match,” stated the Eagles spokesman, “and the coach was desperate for some help.  As luck had it the teams radio stumbled onto the feed from this dad’s Amazon Alexa.”

“Well, our coaches decided to follow his advice and since his ideas worked, we kept at it.”

It seems that one fan’s dream has become a reality.

“We are going to take his advice for the next game as well,” the team’s spokesperson said, “and if it goes well, we will listen to his thoughts from here on, which just might lead to a Super Bowl win.”

However, we at the Cee, were concerned that these home listening devices were being used to spy on American citizens.  Though our fears were put to rest when Alexa interrupted our conversation with a reassuring message from a Facebook team operative that they only use our conversations to improve our experience.

That was good enough for us.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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