Nigerian Prince Finally Ceases Fortune Seeking Help


The once-deep well has finally run dry for Prince Masinga Mbaki of Nigeria. After the passing of his father, King Samuel in 1982, he began an exhaustive search to help move his inheritance to a safe location in the U.S.

Over the course of 36 years, sources say more than 2,500 different financial advisors and specialists have been hired across Northern Africa to try and help the wealthy prince safely move his fortune. His chief consul, Dimka Jones reported on Tuesday:

“We try everything we can with our ability. We paid so much monies to many advisor to help us contact the people. Millions of email are sent to America with generous offer to help us, but nobody do that. Now, we have only about 1 million nairas (roughly $2,800 USD) left in account.”
Jones also added a warning. “If you get some notice about money from the Nigerian prince, it is too late. We have no more monies.”

The prince is now planning to work for a local cattle farmer and friend.

Reporter: Furious Christian

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