North Korea thanks American well wishers!


The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (North Korea) has officially thanked everyone for wishing Kim Jong Un well by sharing the photo above.

Even President Trump confessed he misses the “small guy” whom he first met at a skincare summit.

Our reporter was on vacation working diligently in Thailand and accidentally faithfully heard this message from the North Korean channel:

“It has become clear that many people across the globe were concerned about our beloved leader’s recovery from surgery,” said Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, “However, you can rest assured that he is recovering well and is definitely not dead.”

“In particular, we want to thank the American people for sharing a picture of Kim Jong Un looking vibrant and ready to take on the world.  We love how you have supported us in our efforts to assure the world that our beloved leader is happy and well and definitely not dead.”

The meme is based on the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” where two young Americans spend the weekend at Bernie’s beach house.  However, after Bernie is killed by the Mafia, the boys pretend that Bernie is alive and well. 

It appears that North Korea is unaware of this movie and thus don’t fully understand the meaning behind Kim Jong Un’s head being photoshopped onto that of the titular character Bernie.

We contacted North Korean officials directly and received the following comment:

“Thank you for your concern.  Our beloved leader is currently hard at work with our best scientists to share their latest invention ‘electricity’ with our people. Such a great and noble goal requires his full attention, which is why he is not currently seen in public. Since he is able to do this great thing, he definitely is not dead.” 

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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