Scam Caller gets racially abused – complains to Human Rights Commission – gets $25k payout!


A man with a thick Indian accent who said his name was “Jack” called area man Joe Welch Thursday and told him the “main internet server was down” and he wanted to get access to Joe’s machine to see if it was working properly.

Joe realised immediately it was a fraudulent call and start ridiculing “Jack” for attempting fraud, and for using a false name when he was obviously Indian.

“Jack”, who’s real name is Iqbal Samir Arafat, is actually decided that enough was enough and instead of trying to defraud Joe of $400 for fake computer services, and possibly ransoming his hard drive back to him, decided to take a complaint of racial abuse to the Human Rights Commission.

Although Arafat was attempting fraud at the time, the Commission found in his favour as he is Pakistani and not Indian.

“There is a long and bitter history between India and Pakistan, so to suggest that a Pakistani is Indian is a grevious racial insult!”

Th Commission has since fined Joe $25,000 dollars in damages and required him to attend training once a week for the next 3 months.

When interviewed later Arafat expressed satisfaction at the outcome of his case and states he has now opened 3 more fake computer services call centres with his compensation money, and is employing 27 Pakistanis who will be specifically trained to provoke being called Indians by their “customers”.

Arafat also identified several improvements that could be made to the Human Rights Commission web submission process, which he understands they have under consideration. Arafat stated, “it would be much easier for us if they at least made their website available in Urdu, as most of my staff only speak limited English”.

Joe was not available for comment.

Reporter: Pistorius Tisdale

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