“Faith without virtue signalling is dead” claims SJW


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—Another riot has ensued as Social Justice Warrior Ashley McDaniels thrust her moral superiority into a crowd of nearly a dozen people in the angry, or at least “faux-angry” mob.

As Ms. McDaniels spoke to our reporter, her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she admitted that she was indeed a deeply religious individual who was merely living out James 2:26.

Now, our reporter had been to Sunday school a time or two in his life, so he asked Ashley to quote the verse on live television.

As she began to say “Faith without violent demonstration is dead,” she was abruptly shut down by an angry chant from the choir-like crowd (we use that term loosely—it was more like a small ensemble): “Pha-ri-see! Pha-ri-see!”

This triggered Ms. McDaniels to the point that she began to curse and swear profusely to the point that witnesses confirmed she was merely virtue signaling for the press and when cameras were not present, she was asking others “Who is this ‘James’ fellow”?

If you see anyone virtue signaling, we ask that you would call our toll-free tip hotline and report this Pharisaical behavior.

We at the Salty Cee feel like we have it all together and reserve the right to be the authority on all things moral. Our lines will be open until we get a call that hurts our feelings.

Call now: 1-800-I AM BETTER

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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