Pinterest bans Live Action – the reason why will surprise you!


Pinterest bans Live Action after labelling its content as pornography.

Whistleblower Eric Cochrannd, who has since been summarily dismissed, shared internal documents with Project Veritas showing that a Pinterest staff member had added it to a “pornography block list,” as a way to censor the pro-life group.

We at the Cee reached out to Pinterest to ask them for the reason.

“Live Action is a pro-life group that believes that a foetus is not a bunch of cells but a child.  Since they were then showing pictures of these children naked we immediately classified them as child pornography and move them to the appropriate list.”

It’s a catch-22 for Live Action – do they continue to insist that the pre-born are children and remain banned or do they capitulate and call them foetuses and have their content shared…

Live Action founder and president Lila Rose commented, “We’re working with our tech team to see if we can add suitable covering of the babies in our images.”

It’s a bold move, however it may play into the hands of the pro-abortion lobby who will then claim their media is doctored.

We’ll keep you updated as our imagination continues to run wild.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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