Twitter apologises for reinstating Babylon Bee account

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Yesterday Twitter suspended The Babylon Bee’s account for violating the Twitter rules, specifically “platform manipulation and spam”.

A spokesman for Twitter commented, “We have systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk, and the Babylon Bee was flagged as spam as they keep repeating the same joke.”

Soon #FreeTheBee was trending – as ex-readers came out of the woodwork hoping beyond hope that the Bee would return to its early days where it made fun of everything rather than just mocking Democrats. 

However, Twitter misunderstood the hashtag and restored the Babylon Bee’s account less than an hour later.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally apologised to users of the platform for reinstating the account, “I’m sorry, we had hoped that we could make 2020 a little better for people on our platform.”

In unrelated news, the Salty Cee satirical website experienced a dramatic uptick in pageviews as people searched for “Twitter suspends Babylon Bee” 

A number of readers were hospitalised and are being treated for shock. Doctors have requested that the Salty Cee place warnings that there is more than one joke on the site to prevent future incidents.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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