Police investigate after Salty Cee editor sells 1000 Christian “comedy” books


OXFORD, ENGLAND. Police are investigating after John Spencer, the editor of the Salty Cee, claimed to have sold more than 1,000 of his so-called Christian “comedy” books.

We spoke with the lead investigator Robin Banks:

John Spencer’s books are of dubious quality at best and the chance of that many people having poor taste are slim. So it’s clear that some foul play is at work.”

“Our current theories include witchcraft, mass hysteria and we’re pretty sure that Trump is responsible in some way too.”

John is currently offering all 10 books at 99c until the end of Friday 19 June as a “special” celebratory deal, but police are warning people to stay clear.

“It might seem like a good deal, but after factoring in the costs of trauma counselling you’re going to be seriously out of pocket,” said Officer J. Walker.

Police are also cautioning people to avoid clicking on any links in ads, no matter how tempting they might be and how many times they are included.

Reporter: Definitely not John Spencer, honest!

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