Progressive parents disappointed after birth of white baby boy


Jim and Sue Williams, a young Caucasian couple from New York, are more woke than most Americans.  Campaigning over issues ranging from the environment to pro-choice.  However, their world was thrown into turmoil after the birth of their first child.

“I don’t understand, we are liberals dedicated to progressive values and ideals, pursuing the rights of minorities and then something like this happens…” Jim trails off.

Betty adds, “I mean we were hoping for an African American or Native American baby, but failing that a girl who could grow up to be a feminist CEO would have been okay too.”

“…but a white boy, I mean that’s like shouting out that we are supporters of slavery and the Patriarchy.” Jim states sadly.

Betty nods, “Absolutely, We’ve already had two of our friends disown us.  We tried telling them that had the ultrasound revealed this then we would’ve aborted him for sure.  But it did no good.”

Jim sighs, “Sadly since the law doesn’t currently allow killing born babies the best we can hope for is to raise him as trans.”

Betty shows us the dresses she has bought for him, “We’re hoping his first words will be, ‘I’m not a boy.'”

 Jim enthusiastically adds, “We’ve already started a payment plan for his beta blockers and surgery.”

We at the Cee can’t fail to be impressed by their dedication to the cause.  If only more parents could follow their noble example then this world would be a better place.

“Reporter”: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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