Christian cliché calms chaos: world transformed!

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A Christian blogger has solved the calmed the chaos following the George Floyd riots with just one simple Christian cliché!

That’s right, everything will be fine for everyone, thanks to the selfless actions of one beautiful person’s desire to change the world.

Blogger Nye Eve who writes at released this truth bomb on an unsuspecting world and thankfully, many hearts are now at rest!

“With the world becoming ever more divisive I just wanted to share something that would really make a difference,” said Nye, “I knew that someday my dedication would pay off”

Nye’s dedication involves rarely leaving her parent’s house and avoiding talking to anyone, so that nothing hinders the voracious output of her inspirational writings.

The blog post in question that changed everything was titled, “Surviving 2020” and contained the entire text of the “Footprints in the Sand” poem followed by a hug emoji.

Wow, just, wow!  We at the Cee are just choked up just remembering it now.

Naturally, the all-encompassing blog post has gotten the attention of millions worldwide, including Joel Osteen who was “deeply moved”.

Such an outcome after only 20 years of blogging has led Nye to rededicate herself to  solving the world’s problems and evangelize everyone one cliché at a time.

We simply cannot wait.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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