Charlottesville: Protesters peacefully insult police


Yesterday more than two hundred students and left-wing activists gathered in Charlottesville to mark the anniversary of last year’s white nationalist gathering which was protesting against the city’s plan to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee.

The police who were criticised for their lack of numbers and passive approach in an official report over last years violence were criticised this year for having too many officers and being pro-active by searching bags.

The police seized prohibited items such as brass knuckles and razorblades from those passing through security checkpoints.  However, Lisa Woolfork, organizer of Black Lives Matter Charlottesville criticised them saying: “This year I am afraid of the police.  This is not making anyone that I know feel safe.”

Peacefully masked ANTIFA protestors were disappointed that Charlottesville denied the “Unite the Right” rally a permit and so were left no choice but to peacefully insult the police chanting “all cops are racist” and peacefully attack unarmed camera crews instead, as the police were dressed in riot gear.

Other ANTIFA members chanted, “Why are you in riot gear? We don’t see no riot here.”  James Ryan, the newly installed president of the University of Virginia, blamed Russian interference for falling standards in students’ grasp of grammar. 

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