Congregations already sick of pastor’s 2020 vision sermons

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Usually there is some degree of rivalry between different church congregations and it’s only the grace of Jesus that gets them to love people from other denominations.  However,a new measure of grace has been released upon the church in these end times: 2020 vision sermons.

Yes, the first of this wave of these sermons hit congregations last Sunday and there appears to be plenty more of them to come on the same topic.

“It’s just so lame,” said Jane, “talking about his vision for the year ahead and it being the year 2020 and 20-20 vision being perfect eyesight and all.  But it’s been overdone and what makes it worse more, he seems to think that he’s being really original.”

“If I hear one more ‘2020 vision’ talk I’m going to scream,” said Gus – a usually reserved member of his congregation, “it’s been done to death and I’m just prayin’ that sweet Jesus returns and saves me from this!”

Sadly no-one knows the day or hour that Jesus will come again, though John Hagee’s 2020 predictions are his “best yet”. But one thing’s for certain, there hasn’t been this much calling on Jesus to return again since that Instagram update went rogue.

If you have suffered from a 2020 vision sermon then comment on this post and our trained counsellors will tell you the best earplugs to purchase.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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