Real Ricky Gervais found! Doppelganger hosted Golden Globe Awards!


 Today, the real Ricky Gervais was found tied and gagged to a radiator in an English country house after an anonymous tip off. It appears he had been held captive there for the last two weeks.

Police commented, “Given the remote location of the house, the gag seemed unnecessary. We can only conclude that his abductor was just tired of hearing Mr Gervais’ talk.”

Our secret source, Janice the tea-lady who works in the small country constabulary, believes that the tip off came from the abductor himself who was desperate to escape from the presence of the ‘comedian’.

The Ricky Gervais who hosted the Golden Globe Awards was revealed to be a lab-grown doppelganger of the real Mr Gervais. This would explain why he would make comments that many Hollywood celebrities considered to be, “distasteful”, “unnecessary”, and worst of all, “self-thinking”.

In addition to claiming that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, the doppelganger included the bizarre statement that an award show was not a time to express one’s political beliefs.

This led to celebrities such as Rita Wilson questioning his sanity: “He’s clearly unfit to host, even Kevin Hart would have been better choice.”

And other fellow comedians such as Bill Maher questioning Gervais’ political affiliation: “No doubt, he must be a conservative. That also explains why he just wasn’t funny.”

Whereas some of the more kindly Hollywood actors, such as Tom Hanks, realized that something was amiss: “Who would bite the hand that feeds them? It didn’t make any sense. I just thought he was on drugs and actually believed he was David Brent from The Office.”

Despite the revelation that the host was a lab-grown doppelganger funded by Russians trying to destabilize Hollywood, the damage has been done to the real Mr Gervais’ career.

He was last seen auditioning for a role with the Hallmark channel and meeting with executives of the faith-based film company Pureflix.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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