Kevin Hart not perverted enough to present Oscars


Hollywood who prides itself on its diversity and harbouring sexual predators was shocked to discover that Kevin Hart wasn’t another pervert. 

Benjamin Lee spent hours scrolling through 10 years worth of Kevin’s tweets to find that he just didn’t live down to their poor moral standards.

A spokesperson for the Academy stated, “We take very seriously the concerns raised by Benjamin Lee and the mob on Twitter and asked him to apologise.”

The “Kevin Hart Oscar row” kicked off when he stated that he had already apologised but the Academy wanted him to say “with a cherry on top” to which he refused.

 In additional news, the mob began the herculean task of listing everything that comedians can’t make a joke about in this PC culture.  However, after their hard-drive ran out of memory they opted for a shorter list of who comedians can joke about.  At the time of writing this list only had “Christians” on it.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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