Rich celebrities singing imagine transform world!


Despite the Coronavirus, the world has been transformed by Gal Gadot and a host of other celebrities singing Imagine by John Lennon.

You heard that right, rich celebrities have brought hope to those who are dying from the virus, or have lost their jobs or who are stuck at home in self-isolation.

We at the Cee investigated how this video helped the common man:

“My wife is on death’s door because of the virus,” says a tearful Dave, “but imagining that there’s no heaven and her death is meaningless really brought hope to me.”

“I’ve been laid off work,” says Brenda, “but the solidarity I felt from those rich celebrities imagining that they had ‘no possessions’ just brought tears to my eyes or maybe it was the pain in my ears from their singing….”

“The panic buying has meant that we’ve been unable to get food for the past week,” says Sue, a mother of 4 young children, “but when I heard the lyrics ‘no need for greed and hunger’ it made me realise that we just needed to imagine being full and we’d get through this crisis.”

There you have it.  People’s lives have been transformed by the thoughtful actions of these kind celebrities.  We’re very much hoping that by sharing these stories with the world people would just stop criticising Gal Gadot and the others for making this video which has brought such hope.. 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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