Robin DiAngelo develops new test for white supremacy: ordeal by water


Robin DiAngelo, author of the #1 bestseller “White Fragility” has developed a new test of whether someone is a white supremacist or not.

“It’s very simple,” says a spokesperson for DiAngelo, “you place the suspected white supremacist in a tank of water or a river and if they float they are a white supremacist.  Whereas if they sink and drown they are not.”

“Since people are only defined by their racial category and anti-blackness is foundational to being white, so this test ensures that every white person will be found racist.  This ensures that racists, who judge people by the colour of the skin, are purged from society.”

The spokesperson added, “The advantage of this test is that those who don’t fit the White Fragility model of racism are removed from the data set thus ensuring that this model is 100% accurate.”

Corporations are lining up to purchase these Trade Marked tests at a cost of $500,000 to identify and remove any white supremacists from their organisation. 

Companies that eliminate all racism from their ranks will receive the coveted “racist free” award and may display the logo on their website for a small fee of $500,000.

But this is a small price to pay for a better society.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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