Spanish Christmas greeting Feliz Navidad branded sexist


For years, Spanish speaking people have greeted each other at Christmas with the phrase “Feliz Navidad”.  However,it has been discovered that this greeting is actually a form of institutional sexism designed by the Patriarchy to keep women subservient during this season.

Staunch feminist Eileen Dover had this to say, “For years I had endure receiving stockings from the male Father Christmas while his wife was forced to stay home.  This was clearly an attempt to make us subservient to men and train us up that women had nothing to offer society other than their absence.”

She takes a deep breath before continuing, “But now expecting us to greet people with Feliz Navidad adds insult to injury.  Once again it’s a dad and not a mum that’s the focus of the Christmas greeting – which implies that women have no place in this season of ‘goodwill’.”

Eileen has campaigned to have the greeting changed to the less oppressive “Feliz Navimum” to recognise the importance of women making Christmas special.  The grassroots campaign already has the support of dozens of woke politicians and is sure to pass early in the New Year.

We asked Eileen what the next step will be. 

“Without doubt we need to change the focus of the Christmas story off of the male Christ child as only then will it be truly a time of peace and goodwill rather than a time of the denigration of women.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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