The free hug movement is back! But now socially distanced.


The Free Hug Movement is back! And just in time to, seeing as 2020 has been a stressful year. What could be better than an anonymous hug from a stranger?

For those that don’t remember, the Free Hug movement was started in 2004 by Juan Mann in Sydney, Australia.

Mr. Mann would give a hug to anyone that wanted it as they passed him on the street. In order to make his intentions clear (and thus prevent lawsuits), Mr. Mann whore wore a shirt that said “Free Hug” on it.

The hugging movement soon became popular across in Australia then spread across the globe, particularly by young men at church youth groups.

However, with hugs being on the banned list due to Covid-19, the Free Hug Movement has adapted to these unprecedented times and has creatively re-branded as the “Socially Distanced Free Hug Movement.”

The proper way to practice the social distanced free hug is, when you see someone on the street wearing a Free Hug T-shirt, simply:

  1. Walk up to them while keeping a distance of six feet
  2. Say, “Free Socially Distanced Hug!”
  3. Hug yourself while they hug themselves, and pretend that this is meeting your need for affection
  4. Go about your day buoyed by the difference this has made in your life!

Should you desire a stronger hug and one in the true spirit of 2020, instead of leaving home, stay inside and hug yourself in front of a mirror.

 Already church greeters are lining up as volunteers and even introverts are on-board with this new approach. 

Or at least they didn’t object when we put it to them.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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