Trump pardons himself after belching


The media is questioning the legality of Trump pardoning himself after belching at a Gala dinner.

For example, CNN reported:

No president has ever pardoned himself, so its legality is a matter of legal debate.

However, the US constitution states that the president has the “power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States, except in cases of impeachment”.

But whether presidential pardons can be applied to bodily functions such as burps and flatulence has left constitutional scholars divided.

So can the president pardon himself?

One former DOJ official, said that the president can pardon himself over bodily functions and notes that he need not be branded as rude before issuing himself a pardon.

Whereas other experts say it is improper to self-pardon and as “no one may be a judge in his own case”.

However, one expert stated that “Given the frequency of Trump’s belching it seems that those who insist he can’t pardon himself are simply going to clog the court system which is already overburdened.”

So the question may be not “can the president pardon himself?” but “do taxpayers want to spend even more?”

Reporter: John Spencer (aka Not the Bible)

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