UK Brexit: Parliament to cover “Hotel California”


UK Brexit Latest: PM Boris Johnson astonishingly achieved a deal with the EU which doesn’t involve the UK becoming a vassal state. 

This astounding result has been hailed a miracle by some and rather frustrating by those MPs that said they “really would accept a better deal” but mysteriously seemed loathe to do so.

It appears that their bluff was called and so they have joined with those politicians who have said that the UK Brexit vote and any future “people’s votes” are also only advisory unless of course the people choose the remain option.

So it appears that the UK Brexit saga is set to continue after Parliament rejected the deal and pressured PM Boris Johnson to ask the EU for yet another delay.

However, all is not doom and gloom!

To cheer up the populace in the run-up to Christmas, parliament will record a cover of the  Eagles’ “Hotel California” as a Brexit anthem.

“We just feel that this song captures the spirit of Parliament,” a spokesperson explained, “The people can checkout of the EU any time they want but they just can’t leave.”

Media pundits are expecting this song to be the Christmas Number 1 as “its message will resonate with people everywhere.”

However, the Cee reported that readers thought this was rather a long piece for a dubious punchline.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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