Brexit: MPs call for another vote until people get it right


Brexit: The people of the UK voted to leave the EU 52% to 48% almost two years ago, much to the dismay of parliament.

The EU kindly offered no concessions whatsoever and it’s preferred Brexit option is that the UK becomes a vassal state.  Failing that, they want the British to see the error of their ways and return to the EU motherland.

MPs balked at both these options and fear “complete and utter disaster” should they leave the EU with “no deal.”

So MPs have decided that the public need the opportunity to vote again (the so-called “people’s vote” aka “loser’s vote”) until they choose the “right” answer.

“The British have a very strong tradition of democracy and so it’s important that the people are allowed to agree with the answer we want – and we are more than happy to do as many votes as it takes until the people let us do what we want,” said the MPs in a joint statement.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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