UN Women demands increase in deaths of female journalists


Did you know that only 19% of journalists killed in 2017 were women? 

That means a shocking 81% of journalists killed in 2017 were men!

This blatant sexism was observed by UN Women, the UN entity for gender equality.

To close this gender gap, a number of proposals have been put forward to the UN:

  • more female journalists should be placed in dangerous situations
  • female journalists should be issued with high visibility clothing
  • male journalists should willingly give up their deaths to their female colleagues
  • manufacturers should include gender tallying software on their weapons
  • training of all gun users to eliminate societal male target bias.

“It is our hope that these measures will go some way towards a fairer society,” said a spokesperson, “and ensure that women are properly represented among the dead.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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