American Christians refuse rapture until election result called

Church Life

The rapture has happened and Jesus has returned for His disciples!

What day could be more joyous for Christians than being caught up in the air with their saviour before spending eternity with him?

Well that was the plan.

However, things didn’t quite happen like that.

Like a thief in the night, Jesus returned when many least expected him: on US election day 2020.

Ironically, American church leaders who had called on their congregation to pray that God would save their nation seemed rather upset that the answer was Jesus’ return, rather than a win at the election for God’s chosen vessel.

“It’s clear that God acted on our voiced prayers rather than our actual meaning,” stated one Pastor who found himself left behind.

Those Christians who noted Jesus’ return kindly requested to have their rapture deferred until after the election results had been declared so that they could fully enjoy eternity with their saviour knowing that all was well.

“Imagine trying to enjoy eternity with the constant nagging worry of whether God woould deliver America from its evils through its President’,” stated another Pastor who deferred his rapture, “It simply didn’t bear thinking about. I knew there and then that 7 years of tribulation would be the better option!”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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