Church nursery duty finally catches up with Julian Assange

Church Life

The image above is a screen grab from Sky News showing Julian Assange arrested by police at the Ecuadorian embassy in London earlier this month for skipping nursery duty at Immanuel church in Sweden.

Julian Assange first sought asylum in 2012 after being hounded by the head of children’s work, Freja Johansson.  She claimed that, “he continually made excuses such as his parents were ill or he was out of town on business or he had an infectious disease and it became abundantly clear that he was purposely avoiding his his responsibilities.”

The Wikileaks founder’s lawyer stated that, “my client had actually left the church in question and so these claims are unfounded.”

With many people choosing churches based solely on their playground size, the pressure to find volunteers has never been higher.

Pastor Karl Nilsson responded saying, “If we don’t take a firm stand then others will copy his irresponsible behaviour and think the church is there to serve them rather than members are all meant to serve one another in community.”

Karl’s comment reflects the frustration of church leaders who find people move churches as soon as they’re asked to help out.

Julian Assange received a sentence 50 months today at Southwark Crown Court for avoiding nursery duty and tomorrow faces US extradition in Westminster Magistrate Court tomorrow – this time from Grace Covenant Church in the US who is suing him for leaking the church nursery rota to the public.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible


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