Feminists slam French for their foundationally sexist language


Feminists from around the world have slammed the French for their sexist language.

“Assigning masculine or feminine status to words is blatant institutionalised sexism,” Ms Smith shouted at our reporter.

“Why are compass directions masculine? How dare they imply that men lead the way while women follow! Or why are gold and diamond masculine?  Are they saying that men are more important than women?” she fumed.

Even the NIV 2011 woke bible edition can’t use gender neutral language in its French version.  “Whilst we can still replace “sonship” with “childship” the problem of the French ‘le’ and ‘la’ remains,” commented a spokesperson for Biblica Inc.

Feminists are pushing for the French government to replace le and la with a new defined gender neutral term ‘li’.

“Not only will this remove the taint of sexism from their language but it’ll make it far easier for non-French speakers to learn.”

The French government issued a statement but campaigners had no idea what it said as they only speak English.  However, it was easy enough for them to dismiss as it as mansplaining from the toxic Patriarchy.  

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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