The Salty Cee responds to its first begging email


Well, it was only a matter of time before someone would mistake our facebook page for a ministry and send us emails asking for us to “partner with them”.

And so it came to pass that we received the following message:

And he goes into detail about how he was saved, how Jesus appeared in a dream to him and called him to ministry and then his training at Bible college.
Impressively, he then lists all the work his ministry is involved in and how he has shared the gospel with thousands and seen many turn to Christ.

What an opportunity to have the Salty Cee to partner with such a great ministry!

But given that Pastor N only “liked” our page but one minute before this message (he must type very quickly – another of this man’s many giftings!) we weren’t quite sure whether he had understood what our “ministry” was about.  So I thought it only fair to explain it clearly to him:

But then our hearts were lifted by his positive response to our “ministry”:

We were so humbled by this great man’s response and so we wasted no time in setting about encouraging him in the Lord:

We at the Salty Cee are so blessed to partner with this ministry and so weekly we send a joke to nourish the joy of the Lord in his heart.

It is our deepest hope that if any readers feel like they have little to offer, especially to such highly esteemed ministries, that they too will realise that whatever you can give is still a blessing.

 Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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