Chris Tomlin launches a Good Good line of Father’s Day cards

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In an effort to combat the far reaching effects of Calvinists celebrating their depravity on Fathers Day 2020, Chris Tomlin is seeking to bring money to his bank account fathers and sons together through his national initiative “Good Good Fathers; That’s Who We Are, That’s Who We Are” (GGFTWWATWWA).

Chris Tomlin has launched a brand new line of greeting cards just in time for Father’s Day 2020 built the song Good Good Father that garnered many accolades and an equal amount of criticism for being overplayed on K-Love.

The line of greeting cards will debut 21 June, Father’s Day 2020, with the most popular design being a simple, yet chic rendering of the song that helped him become a gooder (?) father to his children.

The royalty check that will come in the mail as a result will no doubt help his family afford new recreational items such as an RV, a new swing set, and a boat.

Good good grief!

Anyway, if you purchase Chris’ new card in select stores, you will get a bonus CD and a coupon for 5% off the already bargain retail price of $8.99!

Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like a 14-page card by the one and only Chris Tomlin.

Note: each Good Good Father page card repeats the same words, but the pictures vary, unlike the slides displayed during the song in church.

Reporter: John Spencer (aka Not the Bible)

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